Seven Trumpets of Revelation

First, Special Edition

This first issue of the magazine VIDEC (The Seer) is intended for all lovers of the Truth and Bible students, as a support for their learning about the prophecies of the Book of Revelation, the Word of God in general and especially the prophecies of end times. The issue contains – as the name suggests – the prophecies of the seven trumpets.

The magazine will not only make you familiar with and help you understand God’s judgments, which are the content of the book of the seven trumpets and many other passages of the Book of Revelation, but it will also reveal to you how to prepare yourself for those, which did not sound yet and how to avoid God’s judgments.

Magazine – traditionally – conteins the translations of verses from the original holy books and impressive images, which aim to help you to imagine and better understand what John wrote about in the prophecy.

    • Publisher : HZP Publications
    • Language : English
    • Weight: 114 grams netto
    • Content : 40 pages of pure truth
    • Price: 28 €/ piece (inclusive delivery)
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The Magazine is not for sale outside the HZP.

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